Erectile dysfunction (ED)

“ED” is a medical term for erectile dysfunction. Sexual life problems can affect real life, and if the couple wishes to become pregnant, they cannot do so. Improving with medicine is relatively easy, but it is not an essential solution as a result of properly dealing with the cause. Be careful as Super P Force may cause ED as an initial symptom, such as arteriosclerosis.

Main Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) 

Erectile dysfunction is one of the male sexual dysfunctions, and it is satisfactory because the penis is not erected or cannot maintain an erected state.

A condition in which you cannot have sexual intercourse. 

Although it may be caused by the decline of sexual function due to aging, it is a symptom that can occur even in the younger generation because it may be caused by the diseases listed below or may be psychogenic.

It is said that the number of patients (including potential ones) suffering from ED in the USA is more than 10 million, which is by no means an uncommon symptom.

For men who want a healthier and more fulfilling life, the problem of the male function of being unable to have satisfying sexual intercourse is not a minor problem from a mental health perspective.

There are even cases where there are women who are suffering from boyfriend’s ED, and who have had disagreements due to erectile dysfunction and develop into divorce problems.

Formerly known as impotence, erectile dysfunction (such as ED) Tadarise 20 is now the more accurate name. Also, by definition, erectile dysfunction is not included in male infertility. Major causes of erectile dysfunction (ED)

Diseases that cause erectile dysfunction (ED)

Include various diseases, such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, hypertension, renal dysfunction, and depression. Excessive fatigue, tension, mental stress, smoking, and heavy drinking also have a bad effect, and it is said that the initial symptom of arteriosclerosis is erectile dysfunction, so the cause may vary from person to person and time to time.

It will be different. Before treatment, it is necessary to determine whether the cause is organic or functional (including psychogenic), and it is necessary to take appropriate treatment according to the cause.

 If you go to the hospital

If going to the hospital, the specialty department is urology. If there is no urology in the range you can go to, there is no problem with internal medicine, but it is better to check the website, etc. to see if you are being treated for ED.

If the cause of ED is not organic, and there is no problem in taking medicine by interview and health check, a drug such as Super Vidalista is prescribed. Health insurance is basically not applied to the examination and treatment of erectile dysfunction in hospitals, and the current situation is that medical treatment is at its own expense.

There are ED specialized hospitals in the USA. And there are also clinics that list the approximate burden depending on the prescribed drug (Because it is actual cost treatment rather than insurance treatment, the cost will vary from hospital to hospital).


Be careful when using the medicines prescribed by ED as they put stress on the heart and blood vessels. If you experience any side effects, stop using it immediately.

For Super P Force, counterfeit drugs are available on the Internet and on personal imports, and it is dangerous to use anything other than those that have been officially prescribed at the hospital.

Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture and moxibustion treatment can regulate the function of the autonomic nerves, relax the tension, and relax both physically and mentally. It can also increase local blood flow. These effects are very effective for ED. By restoring the functioning of your own body, it is more effective when using medications and supplements. Side effects can be reduced if the same effect is achieved with a small amount. Of course, if you can get rid of drugs, it’s better.

When treating erectile dysfunction, it is important to improve the overall health of the body at the same time, considering the possible diseases. Acupuncture and moxibustion Super P Force oral jelly treatment improve the local symptoms and the overall condition of the body while adjusting the function of the autonomic nerve and improving the local blood flow.

Also, consider improving any problems with your “nose.” Many people with allergic rhinitis have been found to have an adverse effect on their sexual life.

In some cases, you will be able to experience the effect with a single treatment, but basically, it is necessary to continue treatment for a certain period of time. The staff at HimsEDPills is the only male director, so it is an environment where it is easy to consult.